The Relationship Between Jungian Analysis and Humanistic Psychotherapy

It’s time to book your place at the London conference on October 25th 2014 this year, organised by the Confederation for Analytical Psychology. Limited spaces available.

Topics include: self-actualization and individuation compared; ‘the two Carl’s’ – Rogers and Jung; sexuality and gender from both perspectives; ideas about change and transformation  in therapy across both traditions; social, political and cultural concerns; the place of Martin Buber in both traditions; the self/Self


THE JUNGIAN ODYSSEY 2014 - "The Crucible of Failure"

The Jungian Odyssey is approaching its 9th year of success as an English-language retreat and conference. At this event ISAPZURICH opens its post-graduate program to all with interest in C.G. Jung and Analytical Psychology. The earth has a spirit of her own, Jung mused, and elsewhere he called it the genius loci, the spirit of the place. It is this, the particular genius loci, that infuses each Odyssey as it leads us to a different place in Switzerland each year and inspires each Odysseys topic. So, too, it imbues our presenters analytic views on contemporary research in a variety of fields, and as well, their handling of traditional areas of Jungian interestfairytale, dream, myth, art, religion, personal and collective experience, clinical practice.