Exploring Jungian Discourse and Psyche's Grammar of Transformation


The 2011 Zurich Lecture Series in Analytical Psychology on

At Home in the Language of the Soul: Exploring Jungian Discourse and Psyche's Grammar of Transformation

by Josephine Evetts-Secker

Friday, 30 September 2011 | Zurich, Switzerland

Reception, Lecture & Three-Course Dinner at the historic Zunfthaus zur Meisen

Saturday, 1 October 2011 | Zurich, Switzerland

Three Lectures, Break & Discussion at the Lavatersaal at St. Peter


Josephine Evetts-Secker was born and educated in England. She studied at the University of London and as a post-graduate student worked as research assistant on Randolph Quirk’s Survey of English Usage. She finished training at the Jung Institute in Zurich in 1988, and then developed a small private practice in Canada while still teaching English literature at the University of Calgary. She returned to Britain in 1997 where she is now in private practice. She serves on the council of the London Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists (IGAP) training program and lectures regularly at the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAPZURICH). She has also lectured at numerous Jung societies in Canada, USA, and UK. She has published poetry, articles, lectures and book chapters, and edited collections of fairy tales for Barefoot Books, now published in several languages. She is an ordained priest in the Anglican Church.



The Zurich Lecture Series in Analytical Psychology has been established by the International School of Analytical Psychology Zurich (ISAPZURICH) and Spring Journal Books to present annually new work by a distinguished scholar who has previously offered innovative contributions to the field of Analytical Psychology by either:

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  • bringing analytical psychology into meaningful dialogue with other scientific, artistic, and academic disciplines;

  • showing how analytical psychology can lead to a better understanding of contemporary global concerns relating to the environment, politics, religion; or

  • expanding the concepts of analytical psychology as they are applied clinically

Each year, the selected lecturer delivers 4 lectures over a 2-day period in Zurich based on a previously unpublished book-length work. This book is then published by Spring Journal Books in a book series of which Nancy Cater, Ph.D., and Murray Stein, Ph.D., are the series editors.


More: www.springjournalandbooks.com