Dr. Roderick Main

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Roderick Main
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Director, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies

Research interests:

  • Historical, philosophical, religious and cultural contexts of analytical psychology;

  • Depth psychology, religion and modernity;

  • Synchronicity;

  • Myth.


Additional information:

I am currently supervising the following PhD students:

  • Kevin Lu Simultaneity and Sequence: A Jungian Approach to the Past

  • Mathew Mather A study of the alchemical Mercurius, from the perspective of Analytical Psychology

  • Christina Sjöström To what extent is New Age Spiritual Development Qualitatively Similar to Jungian Individuation?

  • Teodora Velletri Mircea Eliade and Depth Psychology

  • Marcel Van Den Akker The concept of Renunciation in Religion and analytical Psychoanalysis

I have supervised the following successful doctoral theses:

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  • Christine Driver, 'The God Representation and the Shadow' (2009, D. An. Psych.)

  • Lloyd Keane, 'Routes of Wholeness: Jung and the Western Esoteric Tree of Life' (2006, PhD)

  • Trudy Bendayan, 'Ecce Mulier: Nietzsche and the Eternal Feminine—An Analytical Psychological Perspective' (2005, PhD)

  • Lucy Huskinson, 'Nietzsche and Jung: The whole self in the union of opposites' (2002, PhD, co-supervised with Professor Simon Critchley)



Recent Publications

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